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Thank you for your interest in using what is destined to be the widest used internet and smart-phone resource in America for helping to match Visiting Companions with the individuals in search of your unique talents, compassions and abilities.

We provide you with a limited amount of space (1500 characters) to make up your listing post, so use it wisely.

You may include 1 photo. Using a photo of yourself will increase your response rate.

Be certain to include what skills you bring to the table and give some thought to the services that you will provide and be specific. People using our system are looking for specific resources.

Here are some examples of assistance options that are offered by Visiting Companions:

Play Cards
Friendly Conversation
Hobby Engagement
Watch TV
Learn to Play an Instrument
Reading Books
Letter Writing
Mailing Friendly
Stimulating Activities
Hygiene Supervision
Ambulation Monitoring
Hospital Visits
Cooking Assistance
Meal Preparation
Medication Reminder
Light Housekeeping
Grocery Shopping
Pick up Pharmacy Medications
Make or Change Bed
Wash, Sort or Fold Laundry
Drop Off/Pick up Dry Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning
Attend Family Gatherings
Accompany to Appointments
Attend Community Activities
Miscellaneous Public Functions
Attend Movie Theater
Visit Museum
Art Gallery
Escort to Special Events
Assist with Pets
Run Errands
Shopping Assistance

Technology assistance may come in the form of helping someone use a computer, cell phone, tablet or other technology.

Recreation assistance can include taking a walk or participating in other recreational activities.

You are limited to 1 category per post. Do not use Categories that are not indicative of the services that you agree to provide.

You need not be licensed as this a lay person-to-person resource. You may include any licensing that you may have, though it is not required.

Your agreement and payment arrangements are between you and your client. It is your responsibility to make certain that these arrangements are made adequately to ensure your remuneration for services rendered. is not involved in payment processing.

Misrepresenting yourself, or creating a profile on the behalf of someone else is prohibited, and may include legal exposure including being prosecuted.

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One thought on “Posting Tips

  1. Lonnavon

    I’m excited for this new opportunity.
    Thank you for your interest in the folks that may not have a companion to enjoy life with.
    My most enjoyable life’s experiences are those within the elderly community.
    God Bless you,


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